Once a man owes more loyalty to his first cousin than to a fellow citizen, a constitutional republic cannot exist.

Victor Davis Hanson

Genuine Christian experience commences with conviction of sin; but, blessed be God, it does not end here.

John Leadley Dagg (1794–1884)

Though God does not answer you immediately, yet He does hear you immediately.

William Bridge (1600-1670)

God does not equate bigness with success. God determines success based on faithfulness.

Bob Jones, Sr. (1883-1968)

Protestantism exists essentially as a Reformation or modification of the Romish church, not a full return or conformity to the New Testament standard and pattern.

W. R. Downing

All that Baptists mean by church "succession," or Church Perpetuity, is: There has never been a day since the organization of the first New Testament church in which there was no genuine church of the New Testament existing on earth.

W. A. Jarrell

Are you concerned about other Christians' appraisal of your Christian life and lifestyle? You ought to be.

John S. Waldrip

It is strong men who found movements, weak men mold them, eventually pervert them and then purge the original founders who will not compromise their convictions.

Rev. Chester E. Tulga (1896-1976)

Weak men are never stronger than when defending themselves against accusations of weakness.

John S. Waldrip

Folly is set in great dignity.

Solomon, Ecclesiastes 10.6

Cotton Mather (1639-1723) wrote of his long study and struggle, and finally his peaceful embrace of premillennialism; he urged others to do likewise.

David Beale

English Baptist John Gill (1697-1771) taught that Christ will reign over a glorious kingdom for a 'literal' thousand years 'on earth.'

David Beale

If I read the word of a right, and it is honest to admit that there is much room for difference of opinion here, the day will come, when the Lord Jesus will descend from heaven with a shout, with the trump of the archangel and the voice of God. Some think that this dissent of the Lord will be postmillennial, that is, after the thousand years of his reign. I cannot think so. I conceive that the advent will be premillennial, that is, he will come first, and then will come the millennium.

C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)

When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense.

R. A. Torrey (1856-1928)

Knowledge and wisdom, though often confounded by careless thinkers, are different. Wisdom always has respect to action.

J. L. Dagg (1794-1884)

The philosophy that formed the basis for a universal, invisible church derived from Plato (c. 428-348 BC).

W. R. Downing

The habitually tardy individual does not comprehend the damage habitual tardiness does to his reputation or does not care.

John S. Waldrip

The teaching that issues only from the lips is not at all likely to sink any deeper than the ears.

Arthur Pink (1886-1952)

Only fools suppose that by committing a matter to the government, they can get it done for nothing.

Alva J. McClain (1888-1968)

Never has there existed a persecutor of God's saints on earth, since the dawn of Christianity, who was not an anti-Chiliast.

George H. H. Peters (1825-1909)

Mark it down. No book or article that makes use of Charles G. Finney as an authoritative source on the topics of evangelism, prayer, or revival, or lists any work by Finney in the Bibliography can be imagined to be a serious or knowledgeable work.

John S. Waldrip

From their very infancy, encourage them [your children] to look up to you as the selectors of their companions.

John Angell James (1785-1859)

The want of discipline, wherever it exists, is supplied by confusion and domestic anarchy. Everything goes wrong in the absence of this. A gardener may sow the choicest seeds; but if he neglect to pluck up weeds and prune wild luxuriances, he must not expect to see his flowers grow or his garden flourish. So a parent may deliver the best instructions. But if he does not by discipline eradicate evil tempers, correct bad habits, repress rank corruptions, nothing excellent can be looked for. He may be a good prophet and a good priest; but if he be not also a good king, all else is vain. When once a man breaks his scepter or lends it to his children as a plaything, he may give up his hopes of success from a religious education... The misfortune in many families is that discipline is unsteady and capricious, sometimes carried even to tyranny itself, at [other times] relaxed into a total suspension of law, so that the children are at one time trembling like slaves, at others revolting like rebels; at one time groaning beneath an iron yoke, at others rioting in a state of lawless liberty. This is a most mischievous system, and its effects are generally Just what might be expected.

John Angell James on parenting

Wherever the Mohammedans have had a complete sway, wherever the Christians have been unable to resist them by the sword, Christianity has ultimately disappeared.

Theodore Roosevelt

Children should be trained up in the way of self-denial.

Philip Dodderidge (1702-1751)

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