Outward female beauty with indiscreet conduct is valueless and morally ugly.

Sid S. Buzzell

In 2000, religious people – who, her family, earned exactly the same amount as secular people, $49,000 – gave about 3.5 times more money per year (an average of $2210 versus $642). They also volunteered more than twice as often (12 times per year, versus 5.8 times).

Arthur C. Brooks, "Who Really Cares America’s Charity Divide: Who Gives, Who Doesn’t, and Why It Matters," (Basic Books: New York, 2007), page 34.

Americans are now nearly a completely conquered people.

Matthew J. Trewhella

The doctrine of the saints' final perseverance ... is misunderstood and misapplied; if men take encouragement from it, to relax in their efforts to advance in the way of holiness.

J. L. Dagg (1794-1884)

The first step to salvation is to see that there is o salvation.

William Bridge (1600-1670)

CHURCH DEFINED BY BAPTISTS A church is constituted by a group of people entering into a covenant with one another to serve the Lord as a church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Regardless of what another church does or does not do, regardless of what another preacher does or does not do, regardless of what a missionary does or does not do, a church comes into being when the people themselves enter into a covenant with one another to work together as a church of Jesus Christ.

Wayne Camp, cited by J. C. Settlemoir, "Landmarkism Under Fire," (Lizton, Indiana: New Testament Baptist Church, Revised 2017), page 327.

Always separate ecclesiology and soteriology and you'll go in the right direction toward understanding the biblical teaching of the church.

William Younger, cited by Charles L. Hunt, "The Body Of Christ: Separating Myth From Metaphor," (Bromley, KY: Charles L. Hunt, 2006), page 22.

CHURCH DEFINED BY BAPTISTS The church is in things spiritual independent of the state. It is formed under authority from Christ, and owes supreme allegiance to him. But we deny that an unbroken chain of succession is an essential mark of a true church.

Hezekiah Harvey (1821-1893)

CHURCH DEFINED BY BAPTISTS From these considerations, a New Testament church is readily defined as an independent body of penitent, believing, individual Christians, baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, voluntarily banded together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to keep his ordinances and to proclaim his gospel in all the world.

Luther Rice Burress (1842-1947)

There is historical evidence that Baptist churches existed in various parts of England during the years 1525-1558 in London, Kent, Essex, Lincolnshire and Bocking. A church practicing New Testament principles was established in Chesterton by 1457.

W. R. Downing, "The New Testament Church," (Morgan Hill, CA: PIRS Publications, Revised 2006), page 224.

There is no greater proof of proud folly, than believing only what we understand.

Charles Bridges (1794-1869)

CHURCH DEFINED BY BAPTISTS: A church of Christ is a company of baptized believers in faith and fellowship, united to edify each other, and to advance the cause and kingdom of Christ, Nothing else is a church.

S. H. Ford (1819-1905)

One's Ecclesiology stands or falls on a correct understanding of the head-body Metaphor.

Charles Hunt

The very inquisitiveness of little ones affords their elders an opportunity to make known unto them the wonderful works of God that their minds may be informed and their hearts awed by His perfections. But note well, it is the father (the 'head' of the home) upon whom the main responsibility devolves, to see to it that his children are taught by him the things of God (Eph. 6:45). Let him not pass on this task to his wife, still less to Sun day School teachers.

Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952)

In the Crusades and Inquisition, it has been estimated that at least 1,000,000 Albigenses died. Those who did escape, fled into the countries of Bosnia, Bohemia and the Alps; others were either driven into submission or went underground until the time of the Protestant Reformation.

W. R. Downing

Those who charge for spiritual ministry are dabbling in simony.

D. A. Carson

We are imposed upon at home as well as abroad; we are deceived by our senses, by our imaginations, by our passions and appetites; by the authority of men, by education and custom, &c.; and we are led into frequent errors, by judging according to these false and flattering principles, rather than according to the nature of things.

Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Christians NEVER say goodbye!

C. S. Lewis (1898-1963)

The fact is, that a body of baptized disciples in any place can constitute themselves into a church, without an ordained minister, and then proceed to elect their own officers. The highest and oldest authorities sustain this position. Christ says: 'Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.' - Matthew 18:20. Tertullian, who wrote in the year 150, 50 years after the lifetime of the last apostle, says: 'Where there are three, there is a church, though they be laymen.'

J. R. Graves (1820-1893)

When people are overwhelmed by problems they often lose sight of God's love for them. they need a glimpse into Romans 8:28-39 to remember that God's great love cannot be diminished or destroyed, even by dire circumstances.

Martin Bobgan

Once a man owes more loyalty to his first cousin than to a fellow citizen, a constitutional republic cannot exist.

Victor Davis Hanson

Genuine Christian experience commences with conviction of sin; but, blessed be God, it does not end here.

John Leadley Dagg (1794–1884)

Though God does not answer you immediately, yet He does hear you immediately.

William Bridge (1600-1670)

God does not equate bigness with success. God determines success based on faithfulness.

Bob Jones, Sr. (1883-1968)

Protestantism exists essentially as a Reformation or modification of the Romish church, not a full return or conformity to the New Testament standard and pattern.

W. R. Downing

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