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The All Too Obvious Need

Matthew 9.35-38; Luke 10.1-2


Among the things I discovered along the way are the legacies that affected not only our Church but so many other congregations that have been unwittingly influenced by two 19th century American Christian leaders, Charles Grandison Finney and Horace Bushnell. Protests to the contrary only illustrate the subtlety of those men's influences on Christian thought and practice. Finney's legacy has been the heresy of Pelagianism and its devastating influence on evangelistic practice in the United States all across the board, extending now into the 21st century to mission fields opened by American missionaries in the 20th century. Had I the time I would recommend a series of works to read that would explain the awful damage done by Charles Finney and his adherents. Those who speak highly of Finney are precisely those who have been adversely influenced by his demonic legacy. The other damaging figure is the far less well known to us liberal pastor and theologian, Horace Bushnell. The sad reality for most Bible believing pastors and Church members is the pervasive influence on their ministries to children as a direct result of Bushnell and his book "Christian Nurture."


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If you do not have a Church home and you live in the Los Angeles area you can call our office for directions. Please remember, however, that the thrust of our Church's ministry is to bring the lost to Christ. We are committed to each Christian being faithful to his present Church home.

Schedule of Services: July 30, 2017

Sunday Morning Service: To Be Determined 10:45 a.m.
Sunday Evening Service: The Bodily Resurrection Of Jesus Christ – Romans 4.25 6:00 p.m.
Nursery is available during all services.

Quote of the Week

It's not only in the liberty, but it's the duty of a minister, according as the text suits, and the condition of the hearer's answer, to aim at the sins of the persons and people to whom he speaks.

Thomas Hooker (1586-1647)

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