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The Invisible God

Exodus 33.17-20


Because God is a spirit and does not consist of stuff, He has determined that our dealings with Him are to be on the basis of something the Bible terms faith instead of the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Every interaction we have with other human beings, and every aspect of our interaction with the physical universe in which we live, is accomplished by means of our five senses, or the technology we have invented to improve our five senses (such as telescopes and microscopes and eye glasses to improve our eyesight, and hearing aids to improve our hearing). But not with God. He is different. And because He is different He has determined that our interactions with Him are to take place on the basis of something other than our five senses. With very rare exceptions, He cannot be seen; or smelled, tasted, touched, or heard either. What is that basis for dealing with God as with no other? Let me say it again, it is faith.


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Thinking About Visiting?

If you do not have a Church home and you live in the Los Angeles area you can call our office for directions. Please remember, however, that the thrust of our Church's ministry is to bring the lost to Christ. We are committed to each Christian being faithful to his present Church home.

Schedule of Services: August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning Service: Neanderthal Man 10:45 a.m.
Sunday Evening Service: The Church Of Jesus Christ: Teach All Nations – Matthew 28.16-20 6:00 p.m.
Nursery is available during all services.

Quote of the Week

Parents, beware of any ministry that convinces children they love Jesus before they are converted to Christ. The reality is that no one who is dead in trespasses and sins really and truly loves Jesus Christ, and any ministry that teaches unsaved children that they love God and that they love the Savior before they are saved from their sins is a ministry to run from as being dangerous to your child's soul.

John S. Waldrip

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