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If you begin a Google search on the Internet to find articles related to the phrase “war on women,” the first that you will come across is likely a Wikipedia article that begins, 

War on Women is an expression in United States politics used to describe certain Republican Party policies and legislation as a wide-scale effort to restrict women’s rights, especially reproductive rights.[1] 

Wikipedia, for the uninformed, is an encyclopedia that is currently the largest and most popular general reference database on the Internet. Though Wikipedia claims that its goal is to present information in a forum whose hallmarks are “verifiability” and a “neutral point of view,” its overall leftist bias is both pervasive and demonstrable.[2]

The second article that was produced by my Google search of the phrase “war on women” was a People For The American Way website article that begins, 

In February 2012 the state of Texas decided to cut off reproductive and preventative health services to 130,000 low-income women. The staggering move caps what has been an escalating war on women’s health in state legislatures and in the U.S. Capitol since Tea Party-backed Republican majorities took control of the U.S. House and the majority of statehouses and took a determined minority in the U.S. Senate. While anti-woman rhetoric has been a mainstay of right-wing politics for decades, in the past two years that rhetoric has been turned into a record number of laws – and hurt a record number of women.[3] 

If you are unfamiliar with People For The American Way, it is a radical leftist antichristian political organization founded by television producer and well known religious bigot and leftist Norman Lear.[4]

The third article that popped up from my Google search was a website called PoliticusUSA, with the featured article being titled “Proof of the GOP War on Women.” The opening line of the article begins, “Conservatives like to pretend there is no war on women....”[5] I find that interesting because I am a conservative of long-standing, theologically and politically, and very active. I am unaware of anyone I know who is theologically or politically conservative who is engaged in a war on women.

My brief Internet investigation of the “war on women” using the biased algorithms of Google’s search engine brought me to a fourth site, which ended my inquiry for the obvious reason that I know how to think for myself, and I know that opposing the murder of the unborn and favoring traditional marriage does not, in fact, mean that I am engaged in a war on women. That fourth site was The Huffington Post, founded but no longer owned by the infamous Republican in name only Arianna Huffington.[6] Interestingly, Huffington hired the late Andrew Breitbart to put her Internet site together for launch back in May 2005.[7]

It is not surprising that the articles, written by mostly unpaid left-wing zealots, are then sold by HuffPo to other media outlets. There were seventeen pages of articles related to the topic of “war on women” on that website, with links to twenty-five articles on the first page alone. That would extrapolate to 425 articles devoted to “war on women” in the twelve years of the site’s existence, or an average of three articles a week. Here are a few of the titles from page one: “Why Are Republicans So Mean?”, “If Republicans Love One Thing, It’s Attacking Women,” “Misogyny Unbound,” and “Time To Call A Truce On The War On Women.” That certainly does not present as a balanced and politically neutral news source.

Does any intelligent human being really think the dominant political party in the United States, as evidenced by the recent presidential election of a Republican nominee, with the majority in both houses of Congress now held by Republicans, is a party that is waging war on women? Would women, who comprise a majority of registered voters in the United States, cast ballots to turn over nearly 1,000 legislative seats at the national and state level to a political party waging war against them?[8] Don’t get me wrong. I do not deny that there is a war on women. Of course, there is a war on women. It’s just not a war that is waged by Republicans against women. After all, opposing the murder of an unborn child is not an act of war against any woman, but is rather a humanitarian effort to protect the life of a helpless child. Much the same could be said about favoring traditional marriage.

Though today is Mothers Day, set aside every year to honor mothers, the topic for this morning’s message from God’s Word is somewhat broader in scope than mothers and motherhood. My message from God’s Word deals with Satan’s war on women. However, before elaborating on Satan’s war on women, some background is in order.

The Bible is God’s Word. It is accurate, reliable, and true. As Psalm 119.89 declares, it is settled. That said, we recognize that God’s Word deals most directly with God’s dealings with the human race, with mankind, with those who are made in His image and after His likeness.[9] But what about before God created Adam and Eve? Before God created anyone or anything in the material universe, actually before Genesis 1.1, God created the angels. Angels are immaterial beings, who witnessed the events of creation recorded in Genesis chapters one and two.[10]

Sometime after God’s creative activities had concluded, His most beautiful and powerful angel led a revolt against His rule, persuading one-third of the angelic host to rebel against God.[11] That angel’s name was Lucifer. He is most commonly referred to throughout the Bible in his sinful state as Satan, meaning adversary,[12] and also in the New Testament as the Devil, meaning slanderer.[13],[14]

Of course, the overarching reality is that Satan is engaged in a war against God. And indeed, our late friend, Henry Morris, wrote a very fine book titled The Long War Against God.[15] But Henry Morris’ book deals only with the history and impact of the creation/evolution conflict, which is a significant portion of Satan’s war against God. However, as important as that phase of the conflict, and certainly an aspect of the conflict that was introduced long before the creation/evolution issue was recognized by anyone, is Satan’s war on women. Granted, Satan’s war is ultimately against God. His opening act of rebellion was to defy God personally. His second act of rebellion was to foment an angelic rebellion against God. His third act of rebellion was to launch an assault on the human race that continues without interruption to this day.

I seek to concentrate your attention very specifically on the Devil’s goal of winning the war he wages against God by destroying those who bear the image of God, members of the human race. However, I will not speak to his efforts to defeat God by destroying the entire human race, but only Satan’s efforts to defeat God by destroying women. Yes, you heard me correctly. Satan seeks the destruction of women. Thus, we see the importance of women, to God, to God’s plan, and to the Devil, and not just to every man and boy who ever lived.

Of course, I am limited in my treatment of this topic by the time constraints of a single sermon. Therefore, I pray your patience and understanding as I deal in somewhat abbreviated fashion with five aspects of Satan’s war on women: 


God created Adam on the sixth day. He then placed Adam in the Garden of Eden. He then created Eve. How long after that did Lucifer sin? For how long did the first two human beings, those original image bearers of God, live in that place of perfect peace and delight known as the Garden of Eden before the serpent beguiled Eve? I find no direct clue in the Bible, though I suspect it was not for long.

Whenever Lucifer did sin against God, and then tempted and lured one-third of the angels of heaven to follow him in his sin, his efforts to beat God in a fight were thwarted, so he turned to another tactic. He decided to mount an attack against the human race. That attack is recorded in Genesis chapter three.

We haven’t the time to explore the chapter so, because Genesis three is familiar to most of you, allow me to state several observations for you to verify with your study at home: First, notice that Satan used the serpent to attack the woman and not the man, though it is clear from the biblical narrative that the man is the spiritual leader of the two, Genesis 3.1.[16] That is significant. Next, notice that the attack was not a physical attack using force, but rather a spiritual attack engaged using words. Why did Satan not mount a physical assault against Eve? Elsewhere evidence shows that Satan’s options when dealing with human beings are severely limited by God. It is likely that since he was not allowed to murder her physically, Satan was left with the alternative of murdering her spiritually.[17] Third, Satan used the serpent in an attempt to deceive Eve, to challenge God’s truthfulness and to create doubt concerning God’s motives, so she would imagine that God did not have her best interests in mind, Genesis 3.4-5. Fourth, Eve was deceived by the serpent, succumbed to the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit (the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life), and then gave to her husband to eat, Genesis 3.6.

Why did the Devil attack Eve rather than Adam? Was Satan’s assault on Eve arbitrary? Are we to think Satan is so lacking in intelligence that he made no observations, considered no calculations, planned no strategy, and devised no tactic for success that informed his plan for victory in his venture? Did Satan attack Eve rather than Adam because he perceived her to be the stronger of the two or, the weaker of the two? Was Satan persuaded that Eve was more susceptible to spiritual attack or less susceptible to spiritual attack? Who, of the two humans, did the Adversary conclude was the more formidable? When you are engaged in a war, and you seek to destroy your enemy, do you attack where your enemy is strongest or where your enemy is weakest? Please reflect on that reasonable question. It is a question that cries for your answer. Therefore, should not Satan’s assault against Eve rather than Adam tell us something? I am making no value judgment here. Neither am I suggesting anything along the line of intelligence or spirituality. However, I am suggesting that Satan is smarter than I am, and that he is smarter than you are, and that he had reasons for his choice of a target when he launched an assault on the human race and began his war on women. It is a war that continues to this day, with only silly little girls and undiscerning women being unaware of it. 


Genesis 6.2 and 4 reads,

“The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose... when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them.” 

I am in agreement with both Henry M. Morris and John MacArthur that this tragic episode speaks of fallen angels who are identified as “sons of God” engaging in illicit sexual activity with human women as a wicked attack on women specifically, and the human race. Of course, the entire affair was masterminded by Satan.[18] I would not be so foolish as to deny that Satan attacks men. We are familiar with Satan’s attacks against Job, against Moses, against David, and others. However, let us be very clear about the overall strategy involved.

When Satan’s initial attack against Eve succeeded his tactic resulted in consequences that are felt to this day. Among those consequences are the Fall of mankind into sin. Of course, this resulted in every human being dead in trespasses and sins.[19] It also resulted in every man and women coming to be on the Devil’s side in the war against God. However, do not think Satan was finished attacking women because that would be a terrible failure to grasp the harsh reality of his intentions. Therefore, when Satan’s minions seduced those women before the Flood, do not be so naive as to think the women involved were not willing participants, flattered, excited, and eager to be selected for so great an honor as to mate with the most powerful of the fallen angels. Being aware of everything that was happening, God’s response to thwart Satan’s initial success with the sinful angels and their wicked human women was to overthrow the entire world of evil people with a Flood that wiped out all mankind except for Noah and his wife, and his three sons and their wives.

If we understand God’s Word, those fallen angels who engaged in the reported activities with the women who became their wives and then bore their offspring are now being held prisoner for their crimes. There are two classes of fallen angels. The fallen angels presently bound are guilty of the activities mentioned in Genesis 6.2 and 4. Those foul spirits are more powerful and dangerous than any who roam the earth at present. After the Rapture, however, Revelation 9.1-11 reveals that they will be released from their confinement and will then create great havoc. Since the imprisonment of the fallen angels who were intelligent enough and powerful enough to procreate a race of hybrids, there has been left in our midst since the Flood those somewhat less intelligent and considerably less powerful fallen angels typically referred to as demons. They are foul spirits, to be sure, and spend most of their time seducing people to their advantage and promoting their spurious doctrines, First Timothy 4.1. 


The history of mankind since the Flood, through which God saved Noah and his family in the Ark, has been a history of horrors for women the world over. Always and evermore denigrated, women were not thought in some cultures to even be human beings. With their status typically being little more than property, and in Hinduism wives being expected to die when their husbands died. Criticize British colonization of India all you want, but Indian women need to thank God for the British Empire, whose Queen Victoria put an end to Sati, the legalized burning to death of surviving wives on their husband’s funeral pyres, in the British colony of India. Sadly, no Western influence has succeeded in temporizing the Muslim belief from the Koran that women are dirt, that their testimony in court counts for one-half a man’s testimony, or that a woman passing in front of a man praying toward Mecca has the same effect of a dog or a donkey, neutralizing his prayers.[20] I will let you do a YouTube search for Ayaan Hirsi Aly to learn about the genital mutilation of women by those of Islam.[21] In warfare, from ancient times to this very day, the rape of conquered women and girls is seen as a right of conquest by all but those nations not governed by Judaism or Christian principles. From the rape of the Chinese city of Nanking[22] by the Japanese to the savagery of Soviet troops sweeping into Germany at the end of World War Two, and including the vicious rape of a young girl named Saleema in the Islamabad, Pakistan jail for the wicked crime of presenting Christ to another girl, women and girls are seen as easy prey, ripe for raping, by conquerors.[23]

The exceptions to this bestial generality have been in the West, in those armies where a Judeo-Christian worldview that recognizes the equality of women to men in the sight of God has been institutionalized. And even in those regions, we recognize that the concept of the equality of women has not been evenly applied to all. I refer, of course, to slave women in the American South, in the Caribbean, and in Latin America, as well as to Native American women in both North and South America. However unevenly applied spiritual ideals are brought to bear in nations where a separation between Church and State exist, progress has been applied both in Great Britain and in the United States before such progress was seen anywhere else in the world. What is forgotten by many who profess Christ, and completely misunderstood by those who do not know Christ, is that we live in a fallen world. Most of mankind remains unreconciled to God through faith in Christ, with the ramifications of that widespread spiritual deadness affecting every area of society. So, what does unsaved mankind attempt to do to remedy the problems that are seen with respect to women, problems that other cultures are blind to? Unwilling to wait for the return of Jesus Christ, the lost of our day seek to establish heaven here on earth using oppressive measures that completely deny the spiritual condition of nations’ citizens. What measures do they employ to usher in their version of paradise? It depends. Muslims engage in jihad. Socialists work for income redistribution and gender fluidity.

I submit to you that Satan has been successful in subjugating women throughout most of the world. And in those places where Biblical Christianity has raised the consciousness of people concerning the equality of men and women, Satan’s minions have had to work feverishly to destroy the institutions where women are best served. 


God introduced two institutions for the benefit of His people. The first, brought into existence before the Fall of the human race into sin, is the nuclear family. The other, recognizing that government, though frequently used by God was not created by God, except for the temporary existence of Israel under the Law of Moses, is the Church of Jesus Christ. Still remembering that we have time limitations, I will but declare what I have in other messages from God’s Word greatly expanded on. As I proceed, keep in mind the profound blessing to women that God provided through these two institutions:

First, there is the nuclear family. By nuclear family, I refer to the family unit described by God in Genesis 2.24: 

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” 

Sadly, the entrance of sin into the human realm has caused all kinds of problems with respect to the family, with the destruction of the family unit by various means being Satan’s crucial objective in wreaking havoc in the human race. But when there is an intact family unit, with a husband and father fulfilling his God-given imperative to be both a protector and a provider, both women and girls have the opportunity to enjoy a special place in God’s economy. What is Satan’s objective with the home? To destroy it. To convince women, they don’t need men. To convince men they don’t need to be responsible toward women. To persuade women that men are optional to providing for them, to protecting them, and to successfully raising their children. Sadly, Satan has succeeded all too well in his attack on the family, with many women being more married to the government than to any man, with girls thinking that husbands are optional, that fathers are unnecessary, and that they need no spiritual protection of any kind. Therefore no man that they are interested in has any need to be a godly man.

Then, there is the Church congregation. As important as the nuclear family unit is, it is not enough. It is simply not enough. Not all families are intact. Not all mothers and fathers know how to be mothers and fathers, much less husbands and wives. As well, members of the family need the Lord Jesus Christ. And every woman needs the wisdom and guidance of aged women as well as pastors.[24] Then there is the matter of spiritual protection. God used angels to protect His people in the Old Testament. However, in great measure, God’s plan for Church members in the New Testament era is for spiritual protection to be provided by pastors in the context of membership in the New Testament Church. Therefore, it is sad, indeed, that Satan has seen so much success in spreading his pernicious lies to convince so many women that Church is unnecessary, that Church is optional, that pastors are passé, or to advance the delusion that women are just as qualified as God-called men to serve in positions of spiritual leadership. Not true, not true, not true, not true. The only place husbands are encouraged to protect and provide for their wives is in Church. The only place where husbands are challenged to love and cherish their wives is in Church. The only place where children are exhorted to honor their mothers is in Church. The only place where wives can be coached to become great wives is in Church. The only place where mothers are helped to prepare their children for eternity is in Church. 


Who in his right mind would oppose equal pay for equal work for men and women? Who would argue after reading Proverbs 31.10-31 that a godly woman can be as effective and as entrepreneurial as a man? But that is not the point of modern feminism, is it? What is the point of modern feminism? There are several:

First, modern feminists seek to destroy the institution of marriage.[25] They do this by pointing out the worst behavior of the worst men toward women and suggest that such conduct is characteristic of all men who are married to all wives. May I remind you that God created marriage? Therefore, anyone who is opposed to marriage is an enemy of God.

Second, modern feminists seek to transform a womb into a tomb. The mother’s womb ought to be the safest sanctuary imaginable for an unborn child, but feminists have succeeded in transforming so many wombs into death chambers so reminiscent of Nazi death chambers from which there was no chance of leaving alive. Founded by Margaret Sanger, who was a racist, a Marxist, a feminist, and an advocate of forced sterilizations,[26] the Planned Parenthood Federation is the largest provider of abortions in the United States.[27] Perhaps you have also seen in news reports that officials of Planned Parenthood have been videotaped discussing the tremendous profits they make selling baby’s body parts. But there is also Planned Parenthood’s cover-ups of statutory rape and child molestation.[28]

Third, modern feminists seek the emasculation of men. One of the primary goals of modern feminism is the elimination of masculinity from men. This has given rise to what is called the metrosexual male, who seems to be a guy without much acting like a guy. This emasculation typically begins in a little boy’s home and continues in grade school with the hostility shown by so many female school teachers toward boys, as documented in Christina Hoff Sommers’ book The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men.[29] This emasculation is found in every area of our culture, including so many television commercials in which men are portrayed as clumsy, stupid, foolish, and furtive. It used to be that Father Knows Best, but those days are long gone. I have read that British and Australian leading men are so popular in our movie industry now because there are so few American male actors who seem genuinely manly.

Finally, modern feminists persuade women to abandon protection for liberation. Why do you think God made women to be so different than men, a reality so vigorously denied and opposed by feminists? Why do you think the Bible challenges fathers and husbands to provide and then to protect the women in their families? Why do you think boys who are not turned by feminism are so keen to protect their mothers and their sisters? Feminism is opposed to this, just as feminism is opposed to God and His Word, because feminism may very well be Satan’s most successful tactic in his war on women. 

Notice that there are thirty footnotes listed below. The footnotes are to make it easy for you to not only verify the truth of what I have presented to you but also to continue in your investigation of the facts.

Ladies, girls, you are the targets of a very sophisticated propaganda campaign that has been in development and refinement for more than four thousand years. The Apostle Paul warned Timothy that the campaign was being executed by “seducing spirits” and that the content of their propaganda was the “doctrine of demons.”

If you think you need no man, be that man a father, a husband, or a pastor, then the efforts against you in this war on women have succeeded. You are already a casualty. You function outside the protective barriers established by God for your benefit, for your protection, and for your satisfaction and joy. Whereas Paul offers to both men and women “the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free,” you have been lured into the trap that promises liberty while providing bondage.[30]

If you are the daughter of a Christian man, I urge you to remain safely tucked under his wing of protection rather than deluding yourself into thinking you have freedom elsewhere. If you are the wife of a Christian man, I plead with you to so order your life that your priority as a wife is to help him, where you will find from him both protection and provision. Additionally, serve yourself well by the ministry of your Church’s pastor, whose calling is your instruction, your edification, and your protection. Additionally, make use of godly aged women in the Church, so you will not repeat the mistakes of others and will overcome the consequences of blunders you may have already made.

If you are not a Christian, you are out in the cold and on your own. You are not only not safe; you are likely already a casualty in the war on women. Your only recourse at this point is to flee to Christ and settle into those two institutions of family and Church, as applicable and as possible, for your protection and your provision.

My goal as the pastor of this Church is to glorify God by exalting Christ. As an essential part of our Church’s ministry, I equip women in Satan’s war on women to resist the Devil. If you seek victory rather than defeat, and to prepare for eternity rather than suffer the delusion of the Devil’s propaganda, then I encourage you to attend our services faithfully.


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