Any man who believes he is what he is by the grace of God believes in predestination.

Lawrence Cleve Brantley (1909-1988)

People who are filled with the Spirit are always characterized by control.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981)

One of our problems today is that we no longer do our own thinking.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981)

Fear is the strongest emotion we know and it plays a far more important role in our lives than does reality.

Cleve Brantley (1909-1988)

Apply yourself totally to the text [of scripture]; apply the text totally to yourself.

Johannes Albert Bengel

If a preacher cannot read books, let him learn to read books. If a preacher will not read books, I suggest he resign.

John S. Waldrip

What if our study of some natural phenomenon showed that it could not arise solely from natural causes?

Eric Hedin

If science alone can provide reliable answers, then the extra-scientific philosophical claim that "science alone can provide reliable answers" isn't itself reliable. It isn't science, after all.

Eric Hedin

As long as people have their gaze fixed on heavenly truth, Satan has no advantage over them. Eve fell only after she looked at the forbidden fruit.

Bruce K. Waltke

A neglected Bible is the melancholy proof of a heart 'alienated from God.'

Charles Bridges (1794-1869)

It is entirely unnecessary to take classes in order to be effectively used by God to minister godly counsel to one another along the way to Christian maturity.

Martin & Deidre Bobgan

Any system of training that does not make knowledge of Scripture the first thing is unsafe and unsound.

J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

The Old Testament cries, "Behold, He comes!" The Gospels emphasize, "Behold, He dies!" But the Acts follows on with, "Behold He lives!" The Epistles join in with, "Behold, He saves!" And the Apocalypse finalizes with the Hallelujah Chorus, "Behold, He reigns!"

J. Sidlow Baxter (1903-1999)

Exposure to the Gospel, not exposure to you, is the real key to successful Christian parenting.

John S. Waldrip

God is a tender Father, and He would have all the love of His children. He would not have His children to love their nurse more than Himself: our joy and peace and comfort is but the nurse of our graces. Now when God sees that His children fall in love more with the nurse than with Himself, then He removes the nurse, and causes their peace to be suspended and interrupted. He will not have the nurse to be loved more than Himself.

William Bridge (1600-1670)

A Christmas consideration. The enormity of the Solution gives indication of the seriousness of the problem. Ergo, the incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension of the eternal Son of the living God to provide a solution suggests your sin is a vastly more serious problem than you have likely admitted to yourself.

John S. Waldrip

My brethren, this is the great reason why many that are come to be almost Christians go no father. Some one beloved lust or other hinders them, and after a long and high profession parts them and Christ forever; they run well, but here it is that they give out, and after all fall short, and perish to eternity.

Matthew Mead (1630-1699)

If we go about the work of evangelism imagining that the efficiency of our presentation will bring about conversions, then we massively underestimate the lost state of unconverted people.

Peter Masters

The name of every saloon is "bar," The fittest name by far; A bar to heaven, a door to hell; Whoever named it, named it well. A bar to manliness, a bar to wealth, A door to sorrow and broken health; A bar to honor, pride and fame; A door to sorrow, grief and shame. A bar to hopes, a bar to prayer; A door to darkness and despair; A bar to useful, manly life, A door to brawling, senseless strife. A bar to heaven, a door to hell; Whoever named it, named it well.

A convict, 25, Joliet Prison, Joliet, Illinois

It is the glory of Christ that he has not an honest man for an enemy. The upright love him.

Andrew Fuller (1754-1815)

It is the display of your love for others that reveals most tellingly your grasp of the Savior's love for you.

John S. Waldrip

The belief or unbelief of creatures makes no difference as to his [Christ] worthiness, or their obligation to ascribe it to him [Christ].

Andrew Fuller (1754-1815)

No man ever drank lard into his tub, or flour into his sack, nor meal into his barrel, nor happiness into his home, nor God into his heart.

Benjamin Franklin

A believer may fall, but he cannot fall away; he may fall foully, but he cannot fall finally; for, "underneath are the everlasting arms."

Matthew Mead (1630-1699)

Don't try to drown your sorrow in alcohol because sorrow is an expert swimmer.

Ann Landers

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