1A.  A Celestial Home (John 14.1-6)

1B.  Dying should not trouble us (verse 1)

2B.  Heaven is a real place (verse 2)

3B.  Jesus is the only One who can admit people into heaven (verse 6)

2A.  A Christian Home (Joshua 24.14,15)

1B.  A Christian home commences with a Christian conversion

2B.  A Christian home continues with a Christian commitment

1C.  Not “me” without my house

2C.  Not “my house” without me

3C.  But “me and my house”

3B.  A Christian home is cultivated by Christian conduct.

3A.  A Church Home (First Timothy 3.15)

1B.  Every Christian needs a church home for personal accountability

2B.  Every Christian needs a church home for practical responsibility