First Corinthians 11.3

1A.  QUESTION #1:  What Is A Wife’s Place?

ANSWER:  A Wife’s Place Is Subordinate To Her Husband.

First Corinthians 11:1-10

2A.  QUESTION #2:  What Is A Wife’s Pleasure?

ANSWER:  A Wife’s Concern Should Be How She May Please Her Husband.

Genesis 3.16, First Corinthians 7.34

3A.  QUESTION #3:  What Prominence Should A Wife Have?

ANSWER:  A Wife’s Prominence Should Not Overshadow Her Husband.

First Timothy 2.12; First Corinthians 14.34-35

4A.  QUESTION #4:  What Personality Should A Wife Cultivate?

ANSWER:  Not All Personalities Are Created Equal.  God Prefers The Meek And Quiet Spirit.

First Peter 3.4

5A.  QUESTION #5:  What Persuasion Should A Wife Seek To Employ With Her Husband?

ANSWER:  A Wife Should Never Try To Change Her Husband’s Mind.

First Peter 3.1-2

6A.  QUESTION #6:  What Posture Should A Wife Adopt?

ANSWER:  Respectful, Respectful, Always Respectful.

First Peter 5.6

7A.  QUESTION #7:  How Does Praise Come To A Wife?

If You Fear The LORD You Will Be Praised.

Proverbs 31.30