“Ron Bbbbbbb’s DEATH”
He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto
GOD the Lord belong the issues from death.” Psalm 68.20

1A.  1st, THE CERTAINTY OF DEATH (Heb 9.27)

2A.  2nd, THE JUSTICE OF DEATH (Rom 6.23)


Death means many things. It means among other things that things never stay the same, that relationships will always end, that life is hard, that sadness and loss sometimes fills the air. But let me speak to the spiritual meaning of death, since death does not mean the end of existence or the end of your life.

1B.  1st, Death Can Mean Preparation For Heaven (First Peter 1.23; First Corinthians 15.38, 42, 44, 50)

2B.  Also, Death Can Be A Portal To Hell (Matthew 7.21-23; 25.46)