Mark 12.27


1B.  About What Happened To Her (James 4.14-15)

2B.  About Her As A Woman


1B.  About Her

2B.  About Her God
First Timothy 1.17; Colossians 1.15; Romans 1.20; Hebrews 11.3; Ephesians 2.8


1B.  Remember her as daughter, as sister, as aunt, as friend, as neighbor.  But remember her in the way she chose to identify herself, as a Christian woman.

2B.  Inextricably bound up in her self identity is her understanding of herself as a Christian woman, who believed the Bible to be true, who was a child of God, who claimed Jesus Christ as her Savior.

3B.  Do not dishonor her or patronize her by dismissing her well thought out beliefs, by ignoring her mature and adult convictions, or by assuming that because you disagreed with her that she is wrong.

4B.  There is another explanation that lies back of your possible disagreement with this woman that you love.  She knew something you did not know.  She knew someone you do not know.  God, the invisible God, Creator of heaven and earth, the only real explanation that lies back of all this and you, as well, made Himself known to her.

5B.  What do I urge you to do?  Remember her well.  Love her still.  Cherish the memories.  And what would she join me now in saying to you were she standing here beside me?  I quote a portion of Isaiah 55.6:  “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found.”

6B.  I promise you, it’s what she wants for you now.  And should you come to know Him, what glory that will be for you throughout all eternity.