Nothing is more wonderful than to know that God loves you; and no man can truly know that God loves him except in Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Modern Christians seem to be more frightened of emotion than anything else. This is due to their failure to draw the distinction between emotion and emotionalism.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil's reach as humility.

Jonathan Edwards

The greatest characteristic of the greatest saints in all ages has always been their realisation of the love of God to them.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Christian does not go round boasting about it; it is the 'hidden manna', it is the 'white stone'.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The men who have accomplished the most in this world have always been theologically minded.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

May I be permitted a moment of grotesque understatement? Jesus came to found a church. Could any statement be simpler or more neglected than this? Jesus came to found a church. Jesus did not come merely for the solitary individual. Rather, He came and died so that solitary individuals might, through his shed blood and atonement, be brought into this new existence that is the church.

Wyman Lewis Richardson

Paul says, 'the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts.' I am convinced that there is no aspect of the Christian truth that has been so sadly neglected in this century.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The idea that a local church should be comprised only of people who bear the marks of regeneration still remains in our confessional statements, but it has been so far removed from influencing our practice that many contemporary Baptists - including pastors - consider it outdated or merely a quaint relic from a simpler past.

Tom Ascol

We know things about God, but our real trouble is our ignorance of God Himself. - what He really is, and what He is to His people.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The purpose of God is certain; nothing can stop it - nothing whatsoever! That is the great message of this Epistle to the Romans, as indeed of the whole Bible. God has set this plan of salvation in process, and neither devils nor hell nor the whole universe can stop it.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

There is a right fear of God, and we neglect and ignore that at our peril; but there is also a wrong fear of God. People regard God as a taskmaster, they regard Him as Someone who is constantly watching to discover faults and blemishes in them, and to punish them accordingly.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Bible's view of man as a lost, condemned, hopeless sinner is not common today, and this is simply due to the fact that we have not started with God.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

I say with reverence that even God can never show His love in a greater manner than He did on the Cross on Calvary's hill when He delivered up His own Son for us all.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones [1899-1981]

These modern preachers do not believe in the wrath of God; they say it should be banished. But in the Old Testament this idea is put before us 580 times. That God is angry against sin, that God hates sin, is a basic proposition.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones [1899-1981]

In every view of salvation the place given in it to the glory of God provides the ultimate test. The proof that it is truly scriptural is that it gives all the glory to God.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones [1899-1981]

Music cannot really move the soul. It only moves the emotions. Valid worship starts in the mind. If it bypasses the understanding, it is not true worship. If it is overwhelmed by physical things, such as the skilful and moving performance of orchestras, it is compromised and spoiled.

Peter Masters

‘Feelings’ in worship should be our response to things we understand and appreciate in our minds.

Peter Masters, "Worship in the Melting Pot" (Kindle Locations 186-187), Kindle Edition.

The trouble with the rhetoric of those advocating new worship is that they seem not to recognise, let alone discuss, historic, biblical principles of worship.

Peter Masters, "Worship in the Melting Pot," (Kindle Locations 60-61), Kindle Edition.

The word "worship" is a contraction of an old expression in the English language, "worth-scipe," denoting the ascription of reverence to an object of superlative worth.

Don Kistler

Stop calling yourself a Christian if you're making a habit of living independently from the local church.

Jonathan Leeman

If you think strongly enough, you will be forced by science to the belief in God.

William Thompson Kelvin (1824-1907)

The rational mind is the seat of worship.

Peter Masters

What we learn concerning the Nestorian ecclesiastics who roved about Asia, proves, that they were often greatly wanting in theological culture, Christian knowledge, and sedateness of Christian character. It is true, they were animated by a zeal for making proselytes; but they were also too often satisfied if people did but profess Christianity outwardly, and observe a certain set of Christian or ecclesiastical usages. We should be the more cautious, therefore, in receiving those reports which Nestorians, inclined to speak extravagantly concerning the merits of their sect, and habituated to the language of Oriental exaggeration, have made respecting their labors for the conversion of pagan tribes. They spread themselves over those districts of Asia, in which a certain inclination to the mixing together of different religions always existed. A way was easily found of introducing many things from Christianity into this medley; and the Nestorians might represent this as conversion to Christianity.

Augustus Neander, church historian

The most effective sermons are those which make opposers of the Gospel bite their lips and gnash their teeth

Charles H. Spurgeon

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