by Gary Long

To view time right you must take flight,
With Moses to the Mount;
But if you try, Mount Sinai,
You'll miss the living Fount

For here is law that seeks each flaw,
As terror floods the soul;
Law did not aid but only made,
An impasse to the goal.

For sinful men have failed again,
The law is good and just;
To be obeyed, since God has laid,
The truth for man a must.

When understood the law is good,
But first must come the key;
It's not in men but God' Son then,
Who keeps it perfectly.

And then we know of old Nebo,
Another mount he sealed;
And thought he met, God can't forget,
The test that Moses filed.

An unfair end for God's dear friend,
To die on Nebo's height?
One small mistake, that he did make,
We wonder, was God right?

Do you not see with gentle plea,
The Rock to which he came;
He was to speak, as Moses meek,
And yet he fell in shame.

For Moses sin was not a whim,
He surely disobeyed;
That Rock was Christ, that he struck twice,
He marred the type God made.

So Moses dies and satisfied,
The righteousness of God;
His feet did miss, the grandest bliss,
The path his nation trod.

His only quest to enter rest,
In Canaan's goodly care;
This he prayed and yet he stayed,
Outside the land so fair.

The long night past we come at last,
With Peter, James and John;
To mountain height, transfigured bright,
Behold the Light of dawn!

Approach with care, His glory share,
We see in Jesus' face,
In this fair land, a truth so grand,
The man of law meets Grace!

Who standeth there in answered prayers,
And ends the night of wait?
Moses of old not standing bold,
Prayers answered on this date!

Moses was born to hear the horn
The truth would set him free;
For on this day and in this way,
This is his Jubilee!