Hebrews 11.1-6

1A.  WHAT FAITH IS (1) Right conclusion drawn from circumstantial evidence.  NOT YOU!


1B.  By faith the elders obtained a good report (2)

2B.  Through faith knowledge beyond science is gained (3)

3B.  By faith Abel worshiped God acceptably (4)

4B.  By faith Enoch pleased God (5)

5B.  Faith is indispensable to please God (6)


Faith is what is used to please God by establishing a relationship with Jesus at a distance. Since Jesus is in heaven, and since you are here, and since He is not coming back until the time is right, the only kind of relationship you can have with Jesus is a distance relationship, which must be a faith relationship with One you have never seen. So, if you do not come to Jesus by faith to obtain a relationship at a distance you will someday die and go to Hell.