Hebrews 12.3

1A.  YOUR PROBLEM - Sinful rejection of Christ

1B.  Your Will Versus God’s Will

2B.  Stubborn Refusal (1 Samuel 15.15.23)

2A.  MY PROPOSAL - A Biblical appeal

1B.  All Prayers Are Appeals

2B.  All Proper Requests To Authorities Are Appeals

3B.  I Am Making An Appeal To You - Hebrews 12.3

3A.  MY PROBLEM - A fitting description of my Savior

1B.  An OT Parallel (Genesis 22, 23, 24)

2B.  The Dilemma - Personality?  Power?  Compassion?

3B.  The Savior Over Time - Hebrews 13.8

1C.  Eternity past

2C.  Creation until Incarnation

1D.  Creator

2D.  Garden & wrestling with Jacob

3D.  Pictured in Noah’s Ark & Tabernacle

4D.  In fiery furnace

3C.  Birth in Bethlehem until cross on Calvary

4C.  Crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and ascension

5C.  Present session

6C.  Rapture, Revelation, reign and judgment

7C.  Eternity


1.  Consider Him.  Are you elect? Then you’ll come to Him.

2.  If you do not come to Him you will be damned.