Genesis 14-15


1.  First reference to bread is Genesis 3.19.

2.  Now, why is Abram important?  Abram is the single most important figure in God’s redemptive plan besides the Savior, Israel’s Messiah.

1A.  ABRAM’S CONFLICT (Genesis 14.1-16)

1B.  The Attack (14.1-12)

2B.  The Counter-Attack (14.13-16)

2A.  ABRAM’S COMMUNION (Genesis 14.17-24)

1B.  The Celebration

2B.  The Separation

3A.  ABRAM’S CONVERSION (Genesis 15.1-6)

1B.  Fear

2B.  Promise

3B.  Faith (Romans 4.1-5)

4A.  ABRAM’S COVENANT (Genesis 15.7-21)

1B.  Making A Covenant (Jeremiah 34.18-19)

2B.  Nature Of A Covenant (15.12-17)